December 06, 2017

By: Brendan Griffin @Highflyerbg11

Are you someone who travels a lot? Always on the go? Maybe you are someone that has a consistent routine when you are home but when you travel, things become a little unbalanced. You may miss a workout, or two and the thought of not working out is constantly wearing on your mind.

Hotel gyms are crowded, not always the best equipment, and the times that you want to train just never seem to workout with the hotel gym schedule. The truth is, you could actually perform a higher intensity workout in the comfort of your hotel room. Better yet... I dare you to venture out into the world with your resistance bands in hand and find a place that's peaceful, inspiring – a place where you can clear your mind and get a quality workout – the type that most hotel gyms cannot offer. Resistance bands make the world your gym. Push yourself to new limits, embrace your surroundings , and challenge your body to reach its peak.

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