November 21, 2017

By: Brendan Griffin @Highflyerbg11

Resistance bands have been used of as a rehabilitation tool for many years. One misconception is that resistance bands can only be used when an injury occurs. Why not use the bands for pre-hab? Short for pre-habiliation, pre-hab is about preventing injuries. As we all know whether you are a football player, baseball player basketball player, or someone who pushes hard in the gym, some injuries just happen as a result of the grueling nature of the sport.

The beauty of resistance bands is, you can build your muscles to perform at optimum levels by replicating the movements you would make on a playing field and pre-vent possible injury by doing so. As a baseball player one of the most common injuries is a torn rotator cuff.

Many baseball players train hard year-round and do various exercises to build strong shoulders but never train their shoulders to perform at game speed. Resistance bands allow you to replicate that movement – the motion as if you were throwing the ball - while building stretch and lengthening the muscle.

Your muscle is like a long elastic band. The more tension you put on it the more power it has when you release it. Your muscles are more similar to resistance bands then they are free weights. Think of the power and speed your shoulder will have training with resistance bands at game speed versus training your shoulder with free weights.

Another benefit is that bands can go with you - anywhere. Competitive athletes are always looking for the edge. With bands, you can work on being the best you can; any time and place. Band workouts provide resistance training drills that replicate game type situations and help prevent injuries.

Don’t let injury prevent you from being the best you can. Grab your banks and workout and then lace up your sneakers, cleats, or tennis shoes its time to get in the game.

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